Posted by: David | April 15, 2009

Online attention span: 56 seconds per page

Yesterday, Nielsen Online released it top-line data for Internet usage in the U.S. during March 2009.

The most interesting stat: On average, people spent less than one minute on each page viewed.

Jakob Nielsen, the usability guru, found that on average visitors spend 25 seconds on a page.

How much can you communicate in less than a minute?

Makes you want to focus, doesn’t it?

Here are some of the data from Nielsen Online:

Table 3: Average U.S. Internet Usage, Combined Home & Work, Month of March 2009
Sessions/Visits per Person — 62
Domains Visited per Person — 111
Web Pages per Person — 2,554
Duration of a Web Page Viewed — 0:00:56
PC Time per Person — 75:19:22
Active Digital Media Universe — 168,852,936
Current Digital Media Universe Estimate — 230,819,672
Source: Nielsen Online


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