Posted by: David | April 28, 2009

Cells, Social & Broadband: Up and Comers

I’m not much interested in digital radio — what with the portable iPod and a ton of listening options at home — but Edison Research and Arbitron released what they call “The Infinite Dial 2009” last week that had some incidental research of interest.

So what do we have?

  • Cell phones are the golden device.
  • iPods/MP3 player ownership among teens dropped; maybe they are buying up to phones?
  • Social networking expanding everywhere (except geezer-land).
  • Broadband almost (but not quite) everywhere.
  • Podcasts … a niche forever.

Internet Access

  • 85% have access of some sort from some location. (Compare that with 50% in 1999. Who are the other 15%, however?)
  • Of those with access at home, 82% have broadband, up from 21% in 2002. And 15% still use dial-up. Not sure about the remaining 3%.

Online Video

  • 27% of the U.S. population 12 and older have watched Internet video in the last week. That’s about 69 million viewers.
  • 9% watch TV clips from a cell phone (and all have them have much better vision than I do).

Portable Audio Players (iPods and the like)

  • 42% of the population own an iPod, iPhone or MP3 player; 9% own both an MP3 player and an Apple product, which seems like overkill.
  • 71% of 12-17 year olds own an Apple audio product or MP3 player, down from 73% last year. Statistical anomoly … or start of a trend. All other demographics (except the 65+ geezer segment) show significant year-to-year increases in ownership.
  • 27% have bought digital audio (tunes) online.


  • More people are aware of (43%) and have listened to (22%) a podcast at least once.
  • 11% of the population 12 and older listened to a  podcast in the last month. That’s 27 million listeners … a fraction of those catching the online eye candy.

Social Networking

  • 34% have a profile on a social networking site, up from 24% just a year ago.
  • Two-thirds of teens and 20-somethings have social profiles.
  • Of those with social networking profiles, 42% check their sites nearly every day or several times a day.

Device Usage

  • 81% own/use a cell phone
  • 28% iPod
  • 22% MP3 player (other than iPod/iPhone)

Thanks to Edison Research for the nice PowerPoint summary of their findings.


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