Posted by: David | May 12, 2009

Digital Future Project: Email is still king

Almost every American who goes online — 97% — uses email, according to the 2009 edition of the Digital Future Project from the USC Annenberg School of Communications. That tops every other type of online activity.

Some other findings:

  • Fifteen years into the Internet era, 80% of Americans use the Net, including 40% of those over 65.
  • Average time online per week: 17+ hours. (“Heavy” users do 42 hours a week.)
  • Families with three or more working computers: 24% (Does that count the unused, but usable, ones in the basement and the two at the cabin?)
  • Broadband at home: 80%

How do Americans spend all that time on their broadband connections? “Users reported spending the largest of amount of time spent playing online video games and listening to online radio.”


Americans are not wild about it online. 52% said they never click, and 61% sayd the never buy based on what they learned from a Web ad.

Here are the highlights of the 2009 Digital Future Report.


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