Posted by: David | July 28, 2009

Anderson Analytics: Who’s On Which Social Nets

Online Media Daily reports today on an Anderson Analytics study of who’s using which social media platforms.


  • Twitter more popular than LinkedIn. (Don’t they really have different uses and purposes? Does this just mean people don’t even have time/make time to check a platform? This is curious. One hundred forty characters is not a lot of information or insight.)
  • Ideal Facebook demographic: 15-34, but pre-geezers are adopting as well.
  • More people are experimenting, but only 10% have created a duplicate or experimental profile.


The average user logs into a social network account about four times daily, five days a week, and spends about one hour per day on the network. About 31.8% are business users; followed by 26.3%, fun seekers; 21.8%, social media mavens; and 10.1%, leisure followers.

Anderson does not have the study or even a press release on its site … so no link.


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