Posted by: David | February 3, 2010

State of the Internet Infographic (Mashable)

The knowledgeable folks at Mashable have created an infographic that tells the big picture story of the Internet.

Some of the more interesting findings (not that they aren’t all interesting):

  • Men and women use the Internet at the same rate: 74%.
  • About half (49%) use the Net at least once a day, the same as in 2005, but the proportion of people who use the Net “several times” a day rose from 27% to 38% in five years.
  • Internet usage correlates to age (younger more than older); income (rich more than poor) and education (college educated more than high school educated).
  • Internet use is up significantly, from 27% of people surveyed in 2005 to 38% now.
  • Desktops still rule (58% vs. 46% with laptops).
  • Twice as many pre-geezers (55-64) blog as do the truly young (under 25) — probably because the young get invited to more parties than geezers. Most bloggers are 25 – 44.
  • 54% of bloggers consider themselves experts on whatever it is they’re blogging about. (No kidding, Sherlock.)
  • U.S. ranks fifth in Internet penetration behind Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands.

Of course, the picture looks prettier.


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