Posted by: David | February 22, 2010

Social Media is Search, Too

Last month, I was pleased to speak to the Public Affairs Council National Grassroots Conference in Orlando.

In a new session for the conference, I talked about Bridging the Divide: Building Community Online AND Off.

What really seemed to strike a bell with the room was the notion — what I thought was so obvious it was almost a throw-away line — that social media platforms are a form of search. And as we all know, search ranks second only to email as the most popular online activity. It is quite simply how we use the Internet in a world of hundreds of millions of Web sites.

comScore’s latest search engine rankings bear me out. (Thank you very much.)

In it’s January analysis of the top properties where search activity is observed, here are some of the social media platform search results:

  • YouTube — 3.7 billion searches
  • eBay — 659 million
  • craigslist — 636 million
  • MySpace — 398 million
  • Facebook — 395 million
  • Amazon — 238 million

Search is how we live online, and that includes social media.


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