Posted by: David | March 15, 2010

Mobile vs. Smartphones — What the Numbers Say

With all the hype about Apple’s coming release of its iPad tablet thingy (neither computer nor phone but more than Kindle and bigger than iPod Touch), I was confronted with the latest mobile subscriber numbers from comScore and thought I would do a little math.

  • 234 million American mobile phone subscribers age 13 and older
  • 42.7 million smartphones
  • Equals just under one in 5 mobile phone subscribers owns a smartphone (18.2%)

More numbers to consider:

  • 42.7 million smartphones
  • Apple (iPhone) has 25.1% share of the smartphone market as of January 2010
  • Equals 10.71 million iPhones
  • Which in turn equals 4.5% of all mobile subscribers in the U.S.

Could we perhaps turn down the Apple hype a notch?

Disclaimer: I do own a smartphone, but it’s not an iPhone. I’m not much of a mobile user, thanks to fat fingers and arthritis.

Finally, what are we doing with those 234 million cell phone accounts?

  • 63.5% — Txt msg (148.6 million subscribers)
  • 28.6% — Surfing
  • 21.7% — Gaming
  • 19.8% — Using an app
  • 17.1 % — Social media (40 million)
  • 12.8% — Listening to music

We’ll keep an eye on those numbers.


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