Posted by: David | April 21, 2010

Good-by TV, Social on the Go & Internet in Cars? (Arbi/Edison)

Yeah, more research.

This time from Arbitron and Edison Research.

Digital Platforms and the Future of Radio (89 PPT slides). Not so interested in the radio part, what with iTunes and MP3 players, although I do like the predictable randomness — random predictability? — of rock stations.

But lots of stats & conclusions:

  • Internet surpasses TV as the most essential medium.
  • Social media “explodes” into the mainstream.
  • Americans continue to hold radio in relatively high regard. (Yeah, right. Radio paid for the survey, so the survey says …)

In General …

  • Internet access stalled @ 85%
  • Broadband @ home 84%; conversely, dial-up 13%. (Didn’t know you could even get that.)
  • Two or more working computers @ home — 45%. (Do the ones in boxes in the basement count?)
  • Wi-fi network @ home — 62%
  • Most essential medium in your entire life — 42% Inet; 37% TV (but you can watch TV on the Net); 14% radio; 5% newspapers (gotta wrap the fish in something).
  • Eliminate one: TV or Internet — Age divide occurs between 35-44 (dump TV) and 45-54 (dump the Net). Extremes: 72% in 18-24 age cohort say dump TV (keep the Net) while 75% of 65+ say the opposite.
  • Watched online video in last week — 29% or about 74 million folk.
  • TV viewing outside the box — 37% on demand, 32% via DVD, 28% online in real time, 15% download from online and 12% watching clips via cell (these people have really good eyes).
  • Tunes — 44% own a Pod or MP3 player and 9% own both, which seems excessive or indecisive.
  • Texting — 45% doing it more than once a day vs. 28% who never do it.
  • Podcasting still a hard sell, with 23% “ever” listening which leaves 77% never.

Social Media …

  • 48% have a profile somewhere.
  • Highest involvement among the young, of course, but the age divide seems to occur between the 35-44 age cohort and the 45-54 cohort, not among the truly geezer. Social involvement drops from 51% among the 35-44s to 35% among 45-54 and 31% among 55-64s. The true geezers (65+) participate at a 13% level.
  • 30% are social “several times a day”.

Insight of the Day:

With home Internet and broadband access stablilizing — it has — “expanded use of mobile devices and in-car Internet may spark the next wave of growth.”

Hooray for mobile … and yet one more reason not to drive.


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