Posted by: David | May 24, 2010

iPad First Impressions … I Like It (With Reservations)

This is not quite about numbers, but definitely about media. My firm got me an iPad 3G the day they became available, and I’ve been keeping tabs on my experience since.

First impressions:

  • I’m surprised, but I like it … with reservations.
    • It’s large enough to read and rest on my lap, but still not as heavy as a laptop.
    • Keyboard is perfect for my large fingers, but many search boxes are so small that I still “fat finger” them when I tap the screen.
  • I can see a potential use in upper income households that already own multiple computers, smartphones & laptops – as a kitchen / TV room / commuting device.
  • But do we need another device?
    • It’s Kindle-mobile, not PDA-mobile.
    • It doesn’t make calls.
    • It doesn’t have a camera.
  • This is a content consumption device, not a content creation device.
  • The content is primarily light entertainment.
    • Not enough memory for serious music/photo/video users
  • Downside #1: My fingers leave lots of very ugly, dirty fingerprints.
  • Downside #2: While it does email very well, it’s too large to sneak into a meeting and check discreetly.
  • Interesting discovery: You can add Web bookmarks as applications to the home screen, thus eliminating the need for bookmarks. (This is an old iPhone feature, but new to me ’cause my fingers don’t do smartphones, except for making calls.)

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