Posted by: David | May 26, 2010

iPad Second Look: Kindle Wins Commute Competition

Surprises continue, ‘cause I still like it, and I’m using it as envisioned – alternative/supplement to TV viewing, quick email here and there, commuting (email, NYTimes and WSJ online, books) and just keeping in touch.

After initial snafus setting up both wifi at home and 3G via AT&T, reception works, but can be touchy. Not real fast, but fast enough.

No reception at the West Virginia cabin, of course. But I did get connections in Strasburg and Boyce, VA, along the east front of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and those are pretty small places.

Kindle still wins the commute competition for book reading, hands down … but may be losing the war with Steve Jobs. On Metro scrunched shoulder to shoulder with another guy over 6 feet tall and 225 pounds, I can still turn the page of the Kindle, left-handed or right- handed. Not so the iPad. I either skip ahead two or three pages or do the out-of-fuel cigarette lighter trick – flick, flick, flick, still no light.

Except, of course, when the sun is out and causing incredible glare on the iPad. (It does make a nice mirror.)

And when I’m in my polarized eye shades, iPad does a funny thing. It lets me read horizontally, but not vertically. Totally blacks out the screen. No such problem with Kindle.

Amazon has produced a Kindle app for the iPad, and my wife points out that I now like reading books better on the iPad. Not so, but I can read and do other things … and I like that. I do prefer the Kindle app to the iBook and find far more book options on Kindle.

I find I order books on Amazon/Kindle and read them at home on the iPad.

And so, Kindle is better for books, but I haven’t picked mine up except to move it out of the way in the last two weeks.


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