Posted by: David | May 28, 2010

iPad Look #3 — Hinky Connections

What is with iPad’s hinky wi-fi and 3G connections?

As I observed last time, the connections aren’t fast, but fast enough.

That was before I had to reinstall my wi-fi account at the office so the iPad would remember my password. It worked on Friday, but by Monday it had died. (The only way we — actually, it was our Operations Director who did the work — could make it work was to delete the account and start all over again, with exactly the same information we had before.)

Ditto with the AT&T sign-up. Three times we (the ops director) filled out the AT&T information and three times it would not submit the information. We did finally succeed, but let’s be clear here: We were trying to give AT&T money! They would not take it. Or the iPad would not allow it.

Something similar is going on at home. But since my home password is about one-third the length of the office password, I’ve just added it to the list of random numbers and letters that I carry in my brain in order to be computer “literate”. (Computer numerate is more like it.)

Even when I do get on via wi-fi at home, the iPad is picky about how well it receives the signal. Using the maps app turns into a slow motion exercise. I just make sure something good is on TV while I’m waiting for the iPad to zoom in.

And forget about getting a connection underground in the DC Metro. But hey, Metro has trouble underground, too.

This whole cloud computing phase we are going through assumes you live in an urban area with continual availability of wi-fi or a strong mobile signal. Overall, the iPad connectivity remains glitchy and is less than optimal, but I’m seeing a pattern and will wrap up next time.


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