Posted by: David | June 1, 2010

iPad Last Look — Good Enough …

I’ve turned in my HP Mini 110 netbook.

I loved it. I really did, but the iPad killed it.

iPad’s AT&T connection is no worse than the Sprint card I’d used for the netbook. (No better, but no worse.)

iPad does not have the terrible hump which is the HP battery.

HP’s keyboard was better than the slick (often greasy) iPad flat screen, but ultimately I found I was not doing a lot of word processing or spreadsheet work on the netbook. (That’s a really small screen for these really bad eyes.)

Mostly I emailed and surfed, and the iPad does that well. In addition, the iPad is lighter, easier to use and has apps that are not only useful, but fun.

Sorry, netbook. I never thought I’d fall for iPad.

So, is the iPad really that great?

Well, Dad was a carpenter, and when the job didn’t pay very well or he had made it solid, nothing fancy, he would give it a final whack with the hammer and pronounce, “Good enough for government work.”

That’s iPad – Not great, despite the hype. In fact, certainly not as great as the hype. But good enough. Good enough to supplant a netbook.

  • Connectivity — AT&T must be paying Apple a bundle; it could be so much better with string and a tin can on the other end. When the wi-fi works, it actually pretty good.
  • Geezers — If you can’t do a smartphone because you use Coke bottles for glasses and your fingers never straighten completely (welcome to my world), you can use this device. Lighter than a laptop; more mobile than cement mixer … good enough.
  • Word processing, AKA writing. – Nah. But good enough for email.
  • Photos and music – Not if you shoot 400 frames at a go, as I do, or own 7,000-plus songs. But good enough for light entertainment.

I suspect it will get a lot better. Apple will add memory and connections will get more reliable and faster. V. 1.0 of anything is always like this. Early buyers pay a price for being first.

My first impression was that I would buy one for my wife. My latest thought is that I won’t. She deserves the best, and this needs to get better before I shell out $800 for anything less than a diamond.

Maybe v. 2.0 will be better than ‘good enough’.


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