Posted by: David | March 23, 2011

Too Many Social Media; Gotta Pick Your Targets

I’ve been saying it myself and for my IWS colleagues, and I find I’m not alone: We (as individuals and as marketers) have too many social media options. We need to pick a few and excel.

Matt Thornhill, founder of the Boomer Project, wrote this quite eloquent explanation of our dilemma, for MediaPost:

As a publisher of seemingly useful information for those interested in marketing to today’s Boomer consumer, we see two obstacles. First, there are many voices with similar platforms. On the surface, all seem equally qualified and talented, but closer examination shows most rely on smoke and mirrors, repurposing insights provided by others, rarely adding to the knowledge base. There’s nothing keeping them from cutting and pasting their way to a presence on the Web. Retweet that.

The second problem is there are too many outlets, too many “channels” for distributing content without any barriers. Tweeters tweet. Bloggers bloviate. Everyone has something to say so they say it, and then comment on it. And then someone “likes” it. Like it matters.

Can our company really maintain a meaningful presence on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, YouTube and LinkedIn and still maintain as a business? Ha! The no-upfront-cost aspect of having a presence in social media comes with an extremely high time cost.

We simply cannot be all things to all people by appearing in all social media. Nor can we consume all social media. We’re going to pick and choose. We’re going to focus our efforts where we can have a presence and share insights for an audience that knows us and appreciates our work. The scattershot approach is not a viable strategy for us.

And it likely isn’t the best strategy for those marketers trying to reach Boomers online. Just as you would select a handful of print magazines in which to run your ads, you should select a manageable number of social media sites to build a presence in. Leave the rest to others.

Way to go, Matt!


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