Posted by: David | October 19, 2011

Internet Trends 2011 from Mary Meeker: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

For the last 8 years, analyst Mary Meeker has identified the top trends affecting and flowing from the new digital technology.

But her thoughts rely on data, and that alone makes her stand out in the chattering crowd.

Here are her 11 trends for 2011, pulled directly from slide 3 of her presentation. (My notes in parentheses.)

  1. Globality – We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore… (Take a look at where traffic is coming from.)
  2. Mobile – Early Innings Growth, Still… (Lots of room for smartphone growth)
  3. User Interface – Text  Graphical  Touch / Sound / Move (Think iPad, Siri)
  4. Commerce – Fast / Easy / Fun / Savings = More Important Than Ever… (Cheaper elsewhere)
  5. Advertising – Lookin’ Good…
  6. Content Creation – Changed Forever
  7. Technology / Mobile Leadership – Americans Should Be Proud (Windows installation < 50% on Net-enabled devices since 2Q2010)
  8. Mega-Trend of 21st Century = Empowerment of People via Connected Mobile Devices (Think Japanese quake & Twitter)
  9. Authentic Identity – The Good / Bad / Ugly. But Mostly Good? (‘Only time will tell how all this plays out…’)
  10. Economy – Lots of Uncertainty
  11. USA Inc. – Pay Attention! (Spending AND revenue are problems)

Find the full presentation on Scribd.


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