I’m David L. Haase.

I write this thing.

I head the Social Media & Content practice for Virilion, an interactive agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Austin, Tex.; Boston and New York City.

In my professional life, I advise clients on effective messaging and content development as well as online monitoring of articles, blog posts, and other discussions of interest to our clients, reputation management and crisis control.

I started writing about the Internet in 1996, long before blogging, when I launched a pioneering newspaper column called Plugged-in Politics that was distributed nationwide by Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. Plugged-in Politics examined how government organizations and campaigns were using the fledgling technology of the World Wide Web and email to deliver messages and sway opinion.

I became executive editor of National Journal Group’s Greenwire online daily briefing in 1999. I then served as Editor in Chief/Director of Publications for Executive Compensation Resources before joining Virilion. Prior to that, I spent 12 years covering Congress, politics and the White House as a Washington correspondent for the late p.m. daily, The Indianapolis News, and its surviving a.m. sibling, The Indianapolis Star.

These are my views, not my employer’s – and certainly not those of our clients.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

I take complaints. I don’t do anything about them, but I do take them.



  1. The picture is beautiful, David, as ios your tongue-in-cheek communication! Bríd

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